Saturday, 8 November 2014

list of 100 free email services - 25 MB, virus protection
 BoarderMail claims to have unlimited storage, part of - 3 MB, must log in every 45 days. There's a tiny little email link near the top right corner ofthe 
Caramail - 10 MB. French Lycos - 100 MB. 10MB message size. Support environmental concerns Catholic Online - 50 MB - when signing up they ask how often you attend Mass CentralPets - 4 MB
Computermail - 6 MB
DC Email - 6 MB, must log in every month
DoraMail - must log in every 60 days. FAQs Page is unreadable garble. Ecology Fund - 25 MB
E-Mail Anywhere - 5 MB
EasyPeasy - 6 MB - 5 MB - 10 MB, need to log on every 60 days or everything will be deleted. Same site as - access from
EmailAccount - 6 MB
EmailAccounts4Free - Part of Big Mail Box group EmailChoice - 5 MB. Part of Emailyou - 25 MB storage, uses pop-up ads - 7 MB
Eudora Web Mail - 4 MB. Must log in every 6 months No way of contacting real live help unless you pay for it Execs2K - 10 MB, available in 9 languages, including Arabic and Chinese FastMail - 10 MB. Must log in every 45 days
FasterMail - 10 MB, deactivates account if you don't log in for 60 days - all your messages are deleted. - 10 MB or 1,000 messages; domains of type; have to check in every 90 days
FlashMail - 5 MB, complicated sign-up, confusing mailbox
Fresno Mail - 3 MB
Garfield - 25 MN, addy of form ; have to be 13 or older, have to check in every 30 days
Gawab - 15 MB, English or Arabic can send to a max. of 25 addresses per message, or 100 addresses per day GMail by Google - 1,000 MB of free email storage - check in every 9 months to keep the box active. Does not use folders for storage, but a system of labeling messages. GMX - 10MB. German Site. Messages deleted after 30 days - 4 MB, must log in every 90 days Go2Now - 6 MB. appears to be a fairly stable site. GotGeekMail - 6 MB - 10 MB - deactivates account after 60 days inactivity
Hello Kitty - 10 MB. Must log in every 60 days to keep account active. Access at
HotMail - 25 MB, expanding to 250 MB. Virus check. Deletes everything if you don't check in for 30 days.
HushMail - 2MB. Deletes inactive accounts - 5 GB, makes you install their toolbar on your screen
JoinMe - part of, various languages, claims to have unlimited storage
JoyMail - 3 MB. English and Asian languages
JungleMate - 3 MB Killer - 6 MB
KittyMail - 10 MB. Completely deletes inactive accounts - and does not say how long a period counts as inactivity.
KuKaMail - 5 MB. Must log in every 3 months or the acount will be deleted. - 6 MB, deletes maill if you don't log in for 90 days. - 10 MB. Must log in every 60 days
Mail2World - 250 MB. - but Inactive accounts blocked after 30 days. Has a translation feature for foreign-language emails.
MailCity - 5 MB, Maximum of 25 recipients per email message. Inactive accounts - after
90 days all email messages will be deleted. Part of the Lycos group
Maktoob - 1,000MB, 50 MB Message size, Arabic and English, have to check in every month. You can access your Yahoo or Hotmail email boxes from inside the Maktoob email box
MeowMail - 6 MB. Amusing Cat themes. Click on the "No, I don't love my Cat" line and see what happens ! Part of : No way of contacting real live help unless you pay for it.
MyOwnEmail - 6kb - that's right - kb, not MB. Lots of domain names, but what's that
worth without storage capacity ?
MyPersonalEmail - 5 MB ?? They do not answer my email messages for information MyPlace - Lots of domains. no POP3. Must check in every month to keep it active. Also gives a free Web Page
MyRealBox - 10 MB. claims to have no advertising. Maximum of 15 recipients per email 
message. Must sign up from a paid email account - but when I tried, they never sent my password to me.
MyWay - 125 MB Must check in every 60 days or it will be deactivated - "No banners, no pop-ups, no kidding"
Netscape Mail - 5 MB - appears to be part of Aol organization. claims to be spam-free - part of BigMailBox system - you have to agree to accept all sorts of spam. OperaMail - 3 MB
OutGun - 5 MB - slow site
ParsMail - 5 MB
Rediff Mail 5 MB, English and Asian languages
SiteWarp - 6 MB ?, completely deletes inactive accounts
Snowboard - 5 MB, Swiss site, in German, but easy to use - FAQ help page has dark blue background with blue or black text - very difficult to read. There seems to be no way of contacting real live help. Onr can send a message to a total of 25 addresses, and can send to a total of 100 addresses per day. SwissMail - 25 MB, log in every 30 days. Popups
UltimateEmail - 25 MB, log in every 30 days
Unlimited Mail - lets you have up to 10 email accounts, said to be up to 64 MB each. Some of the site is in Spanish - including the FAQs
Yahoo - 100 MB. Virus check. Address filtering and blocking. Spam folder. Very stable site, but is occasionally targeted by malicious hackers

How To send Large File From E - mail

Friends, इमेल का Use आज हर कोई करता है. आज कोई File या फिर Document हो तो हम Use Email से Send करते है. लेकीन जाब File कि Size 2...